The Grammy nominated live electronic production duo ‘smle’ (pronounced smile) aim to make their audience do exactly that. Captivating crowds with their unique live shows that showcase their array of musical talents; featuring guitars, drums and DJ decks, smle are one of the leading focuses in the future of live electronic music. The Miami duo are childhood friends who both grew up studying and making music their entire lives. Fast forward to the present day, the group has accumulated tens of millions of streams on their originals and remixes and gained a Grammy nomination for their remix of Funk O’ De Funk (smle remix) in 2017. With the recent success of their viral TikTok hit, flowers & sex, with Emeline, and helping twitch and Rocket League star Athena with her musical debut with Eternal the future is looking bright for smle as they continue to release new bangers, and showcase their personalities through Twitch Streaming, live shows and their upcoming album.