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A team of entertainment industry pros, we’re passionate about bringing traditional management from the entertainment world into the creator space. There’s so many moving parts to a creator’s business that require their attention. We strive to help them manage these moving parts and scale, so the creator can focus more of their time on what’s important.

Making the best content possible.

ApryzeApex Legends

Apryze’s game of recognition is Apex Legends, where he held the record for total kills on pc, and total overall kills on the legend, wraith. He was also the former Rank 1 Apex Predator throughout Apex Legend’s Fortune Favor (Season 5). Apryze continues to be a top ranking apex predator. He has garnered top placements for multiple tournaments and is set to compete even more in the near future. What differentiates Apryze is his calm and relaxed disposition, insane gameplay, inclusive community, and passion for streetwear.

BbnogamesGamer + Musician


Gamer + Musician

Bbnogames is the gamer alter ego of the critically acclaimed and award winning music star, bbno$. While his incredible music career features numerous hit songs and a total of well over 2 billion streams, he’s always been a gamer at heart. Since the middle of 2020, bb has launched his gaming platforms with great success that are built around his hilarious and charismatic personality, alongside his very engaging gameplay. There is no end in sight for his truly limitless potential for this outlet of his brand.

Frank TedescoMusician + Content Creator

Frank Tedesco

Musician + Content Creator

Frank Tedesco has been playing piano since the age of 15 years old and now uses his skill to compose and sound design for video games. Outside of that, you can find him creating Youtube/Omegle content and streaming on twitch by doing piano requests, loops, live learns, improvisations, composing, and more. He is heavily influenced by composers like Nobuo Uematsu, David Wise, Koji Kondo, and Hiroyuki Sawano. His talent is unmatched and guaranteed to leave you speechless.

HanbitContent Creator


Content Creator

Taking the internet by storm, Hanbit (Urielle Hanbit Yi) has become one of the top relatable comedic TikTok creators. Hanbit grew up in Anchorage, Alaska before moving to San Diego to attend school. As a young aspiring actor, Hanbit first drew inspiration from watching films, tv shows, anime, fashion shows, and celebrity interviews before starting his TikTok account in mid-July of 2020. Despite him only recently creating content on the popular social media platform, Hanbit has grown his following to 5.4 million within 6 months, and grew to 400k on instagram in 5 months. With role models such as Donald Glover, and Tyler the Creator and his social numbers not slowing down, Hanbit hopes to continue to use his platform and diversify into his goals of becoming a film actor, music artist and fashion designer.




Originally from Illinois and now based in LA, inverness is a great addition to any room with his creative writing skills, unique production, and distinct clean sound. inverness has had a successful last 2 years producing hits across multiple genres for Lauren Sanderson, GFlip, Amelia Moore, Royal and the Serpent, DeathByRomy, Jessie Murph, Christian French, and many more. His self-titled artist project’s breakout single “Skeleton” received support from big artists like RL Grime, DJ Snake, and The Chainsmokers. In 2020 he released a series of singles with Monstercat, including the massive crossover with Anthony Russo and K-Pop star Kang Daniel, “State Of Wonder”. His sync successes include the 2022 Budweiser Superbowl Commercial, and spots with Target, Mastercard, Jagermeister, Smirnoff, and many more. 2022 will see inverness continuing his success with plans to release more music for his own project, and upcoming cuts include Olivia O’Brian, Kailee Morgue and more.

KronoviRocket League


Rocket League

Kronovi is undoubtedly one of the best Rocket League players in the world – crowned the Unofficial King of Rocket League soon after its release. Winning 3 world championships, his name in the community is very well known. His long time experience brings the best out of his teammates and helps them out perform teams they believed to have no chance against. Without Kronovi, the Rocket League Community would not be what it is today.

Mitch JonesContent Creator

Mitch Jones

Content Creator

Mitch Jones, to this day, maintains one of the most dedicated fan bases of all-time. With a long-spanning career in the streaming space, Mitch has easily become one of the most popular names in the industry. Initially growing his career based on playing the game World of Warcraft, he has now branched out into full spectrum content creation. While also starting a music career for himself, Mitch Jones continues to prove what a well-rounded entertainer he is and solidifies his name into history even further.




The personification of an energy drink in absolute every regard and known for being the top sombra main in Overwatch, Questron defies all possibilities in his elaborate streams. Questron has a hyperfixation on pushing real-time effects and editing to the brink of capabilities.

Rob LandesMusician + Content Creator

Rob Landes

Musician + Content Creator

Rob Landes is a violinist with over half a billion views on Youtube known for his music covers from video games, movies, anime, and memes. Born in Utah, Rob began studying the violin at age 3 and gave his first solo recital at 10. Later he received full scholarships to study music at Byu and Rice University where he earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in performance. While studying at Rice, Rob began performing covers of rock and pop music at weddings and loved the creative aspect this opened up for him. Today Rob’s content can be seen on over a dozen platforms throughout the world.

Salty PhishContent Creator

Salty Phish

Content Creator

After debuting his first video on Youtube in 2011, Salty Phish has become one of Youtube’s biggest gaming creators. He first gained a following when he started posting when a Team Fortress 2 animation that he made went viral, getting millions of views. Phish would go on to post videos showcasing his gameplay coupled with funny moments between him and his friends videos showcasing his quick and witty personality. When Overwatch released in 2016, Salty Phish ended up going viral again with his video “Lucio’s Impossible Achievement” which racked up over 12 Million Views. Salty Phish has since expanded into Twitch and has been expanding into other games and content mediums such as Valorant and vlogging/lifestyle content.

Scene QueenMusician

Scene Queen


Ohio-born Hannah Collins (artistically known as Scene Queen) is an Alternative rock artist taking the space by storm with a message of inclusivity for all in the scene; moshing, pink, heavy breakdowns and rhinestones included. After the huge success of her first single “Are you Tired?”, the track gained rotation on the SiriusXM octane channel, and lead to SQ signing with Hopeless Records. Scene Queen continued to prove her virality with her second single “Pretty in Pink” gaining over 2.5 million TikTok views, “Pink Rover” which turned over 900,000 streams in the first week, and has over 27k videos created with her sound on TikTok, and “Pink Panther” with over 10k TikTok videos created, 12k presaves, and a huge release week. Hannah’s strengths include her deep understanding of social media and a cohesive link between her vision for her art and how she can excite her loyal fans, time after time. The release of her debut EP “Bimbocore” has fans and music industry peers excited for Scene Queen’s future as she carves out her own lane, inclusive of all.




The Grammy nominated live electronic production duo ‘smle’ (pronounced smile) aim to make their audience do exactly that. Captivating crowds with their unique live shows that showcase their array of musical talents; featuring guitars, drums and DJ decks, smle are one of the leading focuses in the future of live electronic music. The Miami duo are childhood friends who both grew up studying and making music their entire lives. Fast forward to the present day, the group has accumulated tens of millions of streams on their originals and remixes and gained a Grammy nomination for their remix of Funk O’ De Funk (smle remix) in 2017. With the recent success of their viral TikTok hit, flowers & sex, with Emeline, and helping twitch and Rocket League star Athena with her musical debut with Eternal the future is looking bright for smle as they continue to release new bangers, and showcase their personalities through Twitch Streaming, live shows and their upcoming album.

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Right Click Brands coincides seamlessly with brand leaders in media and culture. We emphasize authentic partnerships by packaging endorsements thoughtfully and strategically. Connecting our clients with up and coming startups to Triple AAA influencer and creator companies, we make sure that our clients are working and building with brands that they love.
Not only do we find our clients brand deals that resonate with their audience, but we have consulted for brands, building out campaigns that have boosted sales by finding the right audience for them.

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Right Click Creative Agency is comprised of individuals who strive to deliver impactful, experiential content and activations to clientele who are looking to market their brand to consumers in an authentic way. Working within varying levels of involvement based upon client needs, we are equipped to deliver anything from basic utilitarian talent casting/booking to fully produced content activations. With a consistently evolving entertainment landscape, where attention is harder than ever to command, RCCA will help any brand deftly achieve successful and authentic marketing campaigns. What you dream, we build.

Right Click Creative handled casting for client, Amazon.
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Right Click Creative handled talent buying for client, Crown Channel.
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Right Click Creative handled talent buying for clients Studio Now and Amazon.
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Right Click Creative handled casting and producing for client, NRG.
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Right Click Creative handled producing for client, NRG.
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Right Click Creative handled producing for client, Amazon.
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Right Click Creative handled casting and producing for client, Amazon.
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