james english
James English is a 23 year old bodybuilder/ social media influencer. James started lifting at a young age and quickly excelled. He started powerlifting, and at age 17, placed 2nd place in his weight category at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPW) World Championships. James began to gain notoriety from this, and began to grow his online presence in the online fitness space. James eventually transitioned from powerlifting to bodybuilding, and in 2022 he competed in 2 bodybuilding shows. The first one of these shows, James won, which qualified him for his second show, where he won his IFBB Pro card at only age 22, which is an accomplishment that many bodybuilders are never able to achieve. James is currently working on his physique to compete on the pro stage next year. He documents his journey across YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, where he has hundreds of thousands of loyal followers. In addition to this, James owns a business, Vical, that is a successful fitness apparel company.