Rob landes
Rob Landes is a classically trained, crossover violinist turned content creator who utilizes his incredible skill-set to create online videos, often of a humorous nature, covering mainstream music from video games, movies, memes and anime. Much of his content relies on his phenomenal ability to learn music by ear and improvise complex arrangements on the spot through layering multiple riffs with the aid of a loop pedal. His widespread appeal is built in large part on good-natured pranks and the positive reactions of shock and awe his playing evokes from unsuspecting individuals. A true musical magician with a comedic flair, his bag of secret tricks include hiring pro teachers while pretending to be a beginner, and acting like a “human jukebox” who will create an impromptu original cover of whatever song you listened to last. When pursuits of a career as a professional orchestral musician proved unfulfilling, Rob achieved what others told him was a “one-in-a-million chance” as he hurdled the barrier between the classical world and that of main-stream, popular music. No longer limited to a single genre, Rob enjoys inserting his violin in places where it is least expected, giving familiar songs new meaning and making the violin relevant to an audience formerly dissociated with it.